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Viluso: an ecological alternative in urban mobility.

Project No: #20835
Capital needed
EUR 400,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 20000
Country: France
Reason for needing Capital: Other
Stage: Profitable
Ideal Investor Role: Indifferent
Highlights: 2017 -2019: R&D
2019: Official company created
2020: Partnership with Fnac & Darty, and first scooter sale
2021: 80% of our sales was coming thru our website (
2022: Partnership with SNCF (French Rail Company).
2022: Implementation of our short term moped rental services in two major train-stations in Paris.
What you offer to investors?: 20% of equity
Business plan:
Executive summary:

Viluso is a new brand of electric mopeds started by two women, Elina and Manon, who wish to provide a real alternative on urban mobility.

Viluso is offering a new and greener vision of urban mobility, we provide robust mopeds for short term rental services. 


Mobility is a passion for us since a long time and I write articles about this subjects in a leading french tech magazine too. We believe that MaaS (Mobility as a Service) is the future for a greener urban mobility.

In the beginning we started in designing and selling electric mopeds and we had strong partnership with two major marketplaces in France (Fnac & Darty). 

And since January 2022, we have secured partnership with the French Rail Company (SNCF) and will be able to expand to 15 different major train-stations in France. We will be providing short-term electric moped rentals at the train stations that was agreed upon, users will be able to book our services thru the Viluso “City-Zen" app. 

The Viluso "City-Zen" app will also be expanded to other major cities in Europe, that will give users to plan their transportations in major European cities from public transportations and to all green micro mobility services (e-bikes, e-mopeds & EVs), all in one app. And full data sharing capabilities with cities to improve public transportation services.

We strongly believe that Viluso can play an important role in bringing an ecological alternative in urban mobility.

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