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Project No: #20839
Capital needed
GBP 2,500,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 250000
Country: United Kingdom
State: Wales
Reason for needing Capital: Other
Stage: Pre-Startup
Ideal Investor Role: Equity partner
Highlights: A truly unique British Psychological Crime Thriller with some recognisable names already attached.
Subject to securing investment we plan to start shooting this year.
Already received UK television exposure and mentions on some of the major TV chat shows and breakfast shows (see pitch deck)
In terms of PR/press our film also has the added benefit of having £millions worth of PR/Press through our lead role actor Matt Goss.
What you offer to investors?: We fully intend to take advantage of the UK HMRC SEIS Tax Relief scheme making it attractive to you as an investor. We shall complete the required application to HMRC and obtain an initial ‘Advanced Assurance’ compliance certificate which we will then issue to you, our investor(s).
Executive summary:

Killer Stranger, is a dark and gripping British thriller featuring
Matt Goss (of BAFTA® award winning
documentary Bros: After The Screaming Stops)

A Stranger irreversibly enforces
his nefarious intentions upon the lives of four seemingly unconnected people,
in a twisted game of intrigue, theft and murder, culminating in a deadly fight
for survival in the streets of London, where nothing, and no-one are what they

Cobbler Killer Stranger is a fast-moving Psychological
Thriller set in London, England. Our story places the lead protagonist amongst
a web of murder & corruption, his goal, to seek redemption and exoneration
via any means possible. This is no easy feat given the capability and ingenuity
of the film's charismatic antagonist.

taking place amid iconic London landmarks by day, and the world-famous streets
of Soho by night. 'Cobbler Killer Stranger' will be a suspenseful and highly
stylised Thriller with a strong emphasis on powerful cinematography, and
Noir-esq lighting design. All these components combined will ensure that
'Cobbler Killer Stranger' meets the very highest of British filmmaking

The Stranger is a malevolent and
highly dangerous individual in a position of power and influence, being that he
is the Chief Inspector, and he relishes the opportunities that arise to wield
his power for his sinister motives. The Stranger, who meticulously plans out
the mental destruction of his victims adheres to no laws, accepts no
limitations, and all his sadistic tactics have an endgame. The Stranger is a
stylish man exuding charisma but beneath the surface there is only a dark,
twisted mind.

His victim, Jason, who is simply in
the wrong place at the wrong time is completely dismantled mentally by The
Stranger, manipulated and mentally outmanoeuvred, day after day, his happy go
lucky life turns into a waking nightmare as he’s pulled deep into a web of
deceit and murder by The Stranger. The Stranger is aided by, George Snr (aka
The Cobbler) a long-time ally of The Stranger, who’s an expert in
counterfeiting documents. With Georges Snr’s help, Jason is expertly framed for
evil crimes he didn’t commit.

The Strangers true
never revealed until the Machiavellian crimes he orchestrates conclude at the
stories climactic ending, keeping the audience in suspense and engrossed
throughout. The Stranger always causes enough chaos behind him to enable him to
escape unscathed.

We intend for this film production
to be the next major British film with an incredibly talented cast and are
seeking a likeminded investor to share the successes of this and the subsequent
films we have in development for this production and its future franchise.
urge you to become part of this journey, do not miss out on this opportunity. 

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