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Dehydrated fruits and Vegetable powder

Project No: #20841
Capital needed
USD 250,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 50000
Country: USA
Reason for needing Capital: Working Capital
Stage: Pre-Startup
Ideal Investor Role: Equity partner
Highlights: Vegetable and Fruits Powder are in a great demand in food industry.
We can see a profit margin of 40% .
Can share 15% of profit to share holders.
What you offer to investors?: We can offer 12% on profit to the investors. With minimum of 100000 usd investment.Looking for Equity investment.
Business plan:

Aligra Agro
Products Unlimited mission is to be a one stop solution for all Vegetable and
Fruits Powder and fulfil the needs of Fast food Manufacturers. Mission would be
to establish as a leading provider of Good Quality of Agro Products. Aligra would
like to accomplish the target keeping in mind that is to provide customers with
the highest quality.




Aligra Agro
be a leading service provider company by 2026 in the field of Agro Products. Aligra Agro Products Unlimited objectives for the first three years of operation

create a company whose # 1, mission is exceeding customers’ expectations.

10% of market share.

develop a sustainable, profitable business.

achieve a 35% return rate of customers within the first three years.

grow as a leading company for one stop solutions in the field of Agro based

Aligra Agro
started taking into consideration the growing need for Agro Products

In India
and Abroad. ALigra Agro has identified the demand for Agro Products which
are in demand in Industry. We have identified few products which are used world
wide and demand is increasing on daily basis.

Aligra Agro
has planned to Manufacture the following products

Powder and Flakes

Powder and Flakes


Aligra Agro
will be targeting all manufacturing companies in India and abroad who are into
Fast food manufacturing. Aligra Agro to market their products through Direct sales,
Dealer’s network, resellers and consultants. 


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