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Frequent ask questions


What is is a meeting point for entrepreneurs who needs financing for their projects and investors who are willing to invest in these projects,in exchange for involvement in the company, work, interests for their contributions or any other compensation that offers the entrepreneur. born in 2008, with the aim of serving as a link between entrepreneurs and investors to realize business projects.


How I can publish my project in Liderkey?

Firstly you need to register as an entrepreneur. Once registered, follow the link "public your project" to put your project online. Remember if the information that you introduce is more complete, you will have more posibilites to find interested investors.


Can I attach photos to my project?.

With the Basic plan you can add 1 picture. With the Premium plan you can add up to 3 pictures and the Platinum plan you can add up to 6 pictures. In the Basic plan the pictures can not include any logo or publicity or will be deleted.


Can I include contact information or emails in description of my project?

No. To ensure the privacy of data and to avoid the collection of email addresses by spammers, this actions is totally forbidden.


My project appear online immediately?

No. All projects are supervised before appearing online. Usually It will be online in 24 hours if it meets the quality rules. If you need additional information, we will contact you for more input.


Can I publish any kind of project?

Of course. No matter the industry or the country. No matter the step which is your project neither the amount of money that you need. We work with all kind of companies, in all sectors and all countries.


Any project  seeks fraud or deception or other type of illegal activity will not be published.

In this case the project would be discarded, and in some case, depent of his nature, could be made available to the authorities. 


Can I publish more than one project?

Yes, always that they are different. The repeated projects are not published.


How long will my online project?

In the Basic plan it is 60 days. Meanwhile in the Premium plan it is 90 days and in the Platinum plan it is 180 days. However after that time if you have not got the funding you can renew the publication of your projects.


Can I edit my project after it is published?

Yes, all projects can be edited at any time.The edited projects will be checked after each edition.


Have any cost for me to publish a project?

In our section "Prices" you can find information about the way of publication.


Can I offer my project directly to investors?

Only members of the Platinum plan may send notices to investors.


How I can communicate with investors interested in my project?

When an investors are interestd in your project, you can see in the section "Messages" of your account. Through which you can view and reply to messages from investors.


Can I request for any amount of money for my project?

The amount must be coherent with the project to be done. Like entrepreneur must value the funds you will need to carry out your project. In addition to the total investment that you need, you can specify the minimum amount that an investor can make. We recommend low amount of money to attract investors who prefer to start with a small investments.


How is the confidentiality of my idea protected?

We recommend to publish an summary of the project and not publish information that you consider sensitive. Later if you are in negotiations with an investor you can sign an Confidentiality Agreement (NDA).


What kind of investors can be found at

Our investors network is set up of different types of investors: Business Angels, Individual investors, Profesional investors, Investment companies, Risk society, Investment funds...