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A cookie is a sweet biscuit, but that's not all. It is also a small file containing various textual information which is installed on your device (computer, tablet, Smartphone, etc.) via your browser when you visit certain web pages.
These cookies are designed to collect and site information about your browsing on our website so that we remember you when you visit us again. Therefore, we remember what you have in your basket and we can customise the site according to your needs.

There are four types of cookie:
Strictly necessary cookies: they are essential to our website's functioning and allow you to access, in particular, secure spaces, such as your basket, order status, account, etc. Without these cookies, it would not be possible to use our site under normal and secure conditions.
Analytical or performance cookies: these cookies collect anonymous information about how you use the site and its performance. For example, this concerns the pages consulted, the searches made in our search engine, etc. The data collected is only used to improve the functioning of our site.
Functional cookies: these cookies enable us to memorise the choices you make with a view to improving and customising your experience on our site. For example, they are used to recognise you when you return to our site, to remember the choices you have made (favourite site, articles you put in the basket, etc.).
Advertising or target cookies: these cookies collect information about your browsing habits in order to offer you adverts in line with your centres of interest. They record your visit to our site, the pages you consulted, the links you followed and your browsing outside our site. They are also used to limit the number of times you see an advert as well as for assessing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. They are generally placed by third parties with our permission. Refusing this type of cookie has no impact on using our site or the Internet in general.

If you prefer to limit, block or delete the cookies from this site, you can do so by modifying the parameters in your browser. We remind you that any form of configuration is likely to modify your Internet browsing and your conditions for accessing our services requiring the use of cookies.
Although the configuration of each browser is different, the configuration of cookies is generally accessible via the "Preferences" or "Tools" menu. For further information about configuring cookies in your browser, consult its "Help" menu.

To find out more about cookies and their management, we invite you to click on the "Help" option in your browser's menu.